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President's Message

September, 2020
Dear Members and Friends:

It’s September and I have realized that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

I watched the Democrat’s Convention (“Convention” being a generous term), only to hear that I am living in a dark, negative, unkind, racist country. That was shocking news to me. Silly me, I thought I lived in the land of the free and the home of the brave even with its warts. But being able to be lectured to by the likes of Hollywood “B” actors was so uplifting it almost made me want to vote for Slow Joe. I mean, they’re actors and famous how could they be wrong? And then I watched the Republican Convention. What a relief to listen to positive articulate men and women who lived in the real world. That reassured me that America WAS a good country even with its faults.

But here is what I really learned-what became glaringly clear. The Democrats are no longer the party of Roosevelt, Kennedy, Truman, Humphrey or Tip O’Neill. Gone were the moderate sensible Democrats. It’s now the party of Bernie Sanders and the AOC’s of this world. Joe Biden is just their egocentric errand boy who has wanted the job of President most of his 47 years in politics and doesn’t’ care who parts the sea for him. Joe’s new Democrats are angry, negative, self-righteous, self-serving Marxists, whose only goal is to recreate the Untied States in their image. And, by the same token the Republicans have changed. They are no longer the party of the rich, white Country Club set. It is now Donald Trump’s party that is offering a very large tent to the American people. This fact is tough to swallow for the Swamp dwelling Never-Trump-ers but for the rest of us, this news couldn’t get any better. Perhaps we don’t always like the President’s tone or style but he gets the job done and as he said a few weeks ago, if Obama and Biden had done a good job, he wouldn’t be President.

Our own illustrious “Frat Boy-in-Charge”, Gavin Newsom keeps dangling that shiny object in front of us – back to quasi-normal – then changes his mind. And, things remain the same. As a Club we are in Newsom’s imposed Purgatory. As it stands as of today, we will not meet in September. Possibly October and possibly November and if we are able to meet, we will let you know. December is a YES. We are making plans to have our annual Holiday Luncheon Saluting the Marines of 29 Palms. So save December 16th and we will celebrate together.

Most importantly stay healthy and safe. Pray for President Trump and his continued success.

Pamela Levin
Rancho Mirage Republican Women Federated

Tax the Rich

By Darlene Casella
California is already one of the highest taxed states with income tax, sales tax, capital gains tax, and property taxes. Following Bernie Sanders / Elizabeth Warren leads regarding “tax the rich” class warfare California Assemblyman Rob Bonta (D-Oakland) and a dozen of his merry Democrats introduced legislation to establish the first in the nation net-worth-tax, a wealth tax. (Assembly Bill-2088). He touts this wealth tax will raise $7.5 billion per year.

The wealth tax is a unique tax that requires an entirely different and separate tax structure from current taxes. There is a debate on whether a wealth tax is constitutional, as it is not a direct tax. Constitutional scholars believe an amendment would be required for a wealth tax. The 16 th Amendment of the Constitution allowed income tax, which was intended to support WWI.

Sanders, Warren, Bonta, and other wealth tax proponents claim it will only affect the super-rich. We all know that eventually the wealth tax will come down to a tax on anyone with assets. The income tax was touted as a temporary tax in 1913. Treasury Secretary Warren, in a Biden Administration, would advocate a national wealth tax. Assets would include cash, bank accounts, brokerage accounts, cars, boats, artwork, home, jewelry, retirement accounts, and anything that you own.

Under current law capital gains are taxed when the gain is realized, when the asset is sold. When assets appreciate, but are not sold, unrealized capital gains are not taxed. With a wealth tax the unrealized gains would be taxable items. This presents a complex accounting valuation controlled by the government. The Treasury Department would be responsible for setting rates of appreciation for assets

Another “tax the rich” plot, is Assembly Bill 1253 authored by Assemblyman Miguel Santiago. Miguel wants to retroactively (back to January 2020) raise the top tax rates in California State Taxes – which are already the highest in the nation at 13.3%; and the highest base sales tax in the nation at 7.25%. Santiago has a sliding scale up to 3.5% increase for those who earn over $5 million. The combination of local, state and federal taxes would result in a top tax rate of 54% for the highest income earners.

Sacramento’s tax the rich schemes might accomplish what leftists in Hollywood have been promising to do for years. In 2016 Barbara Streisand, Rosanne Barr, Jon Stewart, Whoopi Goldberg, Snoop Dog, Miley Cyrus, Cher, and other leftist entertainers promised to leave the country if President Trump were elected. They are still here. However, with a wealth tax and increased taxes on the highest earners, we could see flocks of private jets hauling their rich-butts to tax haven countries.

Let us hope that these anti free-market capitalism bills do not become law. However, if they do the leftist Hollywood crowd’s exit flights could be a silver lining.


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Marlene Heinlein, Sunshine Chair
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