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No meeting for September due to COVID-19

President's Message

August, 2020
Dear Members and Friends:

It’s Ground Hog’s Day!

Thanks to our esteemed Governor we were closed and then we were open, and then we were closed and, then we are semi-open but you can’t go to the beach. You can riot on the streets of your city. You can burn and graffiti police stations, government buildings and private property with or without a mask. Feel like practicing your throwing arm? Go at it! Any projectile you can muster up is fine and best part, there is no fear of reprisal. You can buy liquor and a gun and have fun at a casino but you can’t get a haircut or send children back to school. It’s like living in a revolving door that takes you into a special
kind of Hell.

In California we are at the mercy of Democrats who are drunk with power and have only one item on their agenda – defeat Donald Trump. We are good citizens so we grin and bear it. We grouse to our family (who we probably haven’t seen in months), and to our friends. We are grateful that those close to us a still healthy but the day- to- day frustration of life has become a bit overwhelming.

Here’s the question – what do we do? What we do is make sure President Trump is reelected. We will be making phone calls and if possible, writing checks. We will make sure that our vote’s count and that the integrity of this election is without question.

Unfortunately it appears that we will not be meeting in September but we are optimistic about October. Talk to your like-minded friends who would like to join our fight. We welcome them. We will hit the ground running and make sure President Trump is re- elected. Take care of yourselves and BE BOLD!

Pamela Levin
Rancho Mirage Republican Women Federated

Knitting with Only One Needle

By Darlene Casella
Befuddled Joe Biden has promised that under his administration Islam will be taught in the schools. Are they going to teach about female genital mutilation, stoning of women, homosexuals being hanged or thrown off buildings, and honor killings? Does that mean that children will learn about Ramadan while Christmas and Hanukah displays remain verboten? Jovial Joe also assured voters that he will end what he calls the “Muslim travel ban” from known terrorist countries such as Somalia, Yemen, Iran, Afghanistan, Libya, and North Korea. Invite a terrorist to a BYOB event - Bring Your Own Bomb.

A white 2-year-old toddler was held down while a 20-year-old back man put his knee on the crying baby’s neck, his accomplice pinned the baby’s hands behind it’s back. The caption on the photo was “Black Lives Matter Now MF.” Isaiah Jackson has been arrested, the child was taken to the hospital and released. The New York Times and all leftist media did not cover this event. If there had been a photo of a white man with his knee on a black toddler’s neck with a “White Lives Matter MF” caption – it would have been in the news for days, with endless stories about the perpetrator, his education, his family, his arrest record, and on and on. This did not fit the leftist narrative about a racist white society and was therefore ignored.

The Civil War ended slavery in America in 1865. More than 360,000 Yankees from the northern
non- slave states died to free slaves in the south. Shockingly many underinformed Americans think that slavery started in America. The evils of slavery have been around since 6,000 years before Christ. It is written about in the Hebrew Bible, the Old Testament. Slavery has existed in most countries in Europe, and in Persia, Saudi Arabia, African nations, India, Yemen, China, the Cherokee Indians, and more. There are 167 countries that have slavery today, including India, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, North Korea, and others; which affects about 46 million people in the world.

The “1619 Project” undermines true American history. It states that the date of the first slaves in America was 1619; claiming it is the true founding of our nation. This is complete bull-crap poppycock put out by those that hate America’s culture and heritage. The ‘1619 Project’ is used to promote the false idea that America was founded on slavery, is a racist country, and that all racists are white conservatives – especially Trump supporters.

Do you wonder why all the statues being torn down and destroyed were not considered racist images when Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, or Barak Obama was president? Do you wonder why the things Jousting Joe is promising to accomplish were not even attempted during the Obama/Biden Administration?

In these difficult times, schools will not open in September, and the issue will be re-decided in November - after the elections; with hope that it will hurt Republicans. Do you know how many children under the age of 18 in California have died of Covid? None. Zero. Nada. Today I spoke with a Hispanic friend with high school aged daughters. She did not believe what I told her, and insisted that in California thousands of children had died of Covid, and some died from a Covid related disease called LOU. She feared that children would die in larger numbers, if schools opened. This shows the success of leftist propaganda.

Closed schools negatively impact kids, families, communities and businesses in many ways. If some are concerned that kids could bring Covid to their grandparents, grandparents should self-distance and stay clear of the kids. Does it make more sense to send kids to school and have grandma and grandpa keep a safe distance or to keep thousands of children out of school?

A variety of propositions will be on the November ballot. We will keep you informed about them, and with voting recommendations closer to the date. If call lists are made available by the GOP, as in the last presidential cycle; we will be making telephone calls for President Trump and Republican candidates. We may be calling other states in close races where our calls could make a difference. As information is available you will be kept in the loop.



Your Sunshine Chairman is requesting that you keep her informed of any and all occasions that need to be acknowledged by a card. Such things as births, deaths, marriages, health issues, happy and sad, all deserve recognition. If I don't hear from you, someone who could use a bit of cheering up would be overlooked. Let's don't let that happen.

Marlene Heinlein, Sunshine Chair
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