With Guest Speaker

Michael Finch

Poet, writer, and speaker, Michael Finch is the President and Executive Director of the David Horowitz Freedom Center. The Center has established programs such as the Wednesday Morning Club, Jihad Watch, Front Page, The Individual Rights Foundations, Students for Academic Freedom and more.

Finch was recognized by the Christian Post for being among a notable number of social commentators and analysts who accurately predicted the presidential election outcome. The Post cited Michael’s article “Why Trump Will Win” from the American Thinker, where he argued that Trump heard the railing against the corrupt system and how we need to ‘clean house’.

A leading Godfather of FrontPage Magazine, editor of the Jamie Glazov Show, and author of Finding Home, a collection of poems about home, nature, love, and a view of the plight of Christians in the world today. His articles have been published in the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Times, Detroit Times, Reason Magazine, Breitbart, the Washington Times, and more.

Michael Finch will share his insights about the left and their massive overreach of government power. Don’t miss this one. Bring a friend.
Darlene Casella
Vice President - Program Chair